Discover the fish owl before it disappears

337,000 TRY awarded


PROJECT DURATION: June 2024 – June 2025




The coastal valleys of Mersin, Türkiye, are home to the rare fish owl, a species with a population of fewer than 50 pairs in the country. However, these valleys are under significant threat from mining activities, deforestation, and persecution of the fish owl due to superstitions. Despite the apparent stability of the fish owl population in the region, more research and conservation efforts are needed to protect it from regional extinction.  




To address this issue, the proposed project aims to conduct an urgent survey of the coastal valleys in Mersin. The project will gather essential data on the fish owl, raise awareness about its ecological significance, and establish conservation measures to protect its habitat. To achieve this, the project will conduct scientific field studies, produce educational materials, and engage with the local community. 



  • Scientific field studies 
  • Research Report 
  • Educational materials production
  • Design a Fish Owl Poster 
  • Create a Fish Owl Project Short Film 
  • Installation of awareness signs  



  • A comprehensive scientific research report on the status of the fish owl population in the coastal valleys of Mersin.
  • Distribution of 500 fish owl booklets containing information and visuals about the fish owl to raise awareness.
  • Display of a fish owl poster highlighting the species’ ecological role and global distribution.
  • Production of a fish owl project short film explaining the project’s purpose and results.
  • Installation of fish owl interactive information boards to raise awareness among local communities and visitors about the fish owl and its habitat.


Our Grantee: The Tarsus Slow Food Earth Market Association conducts awareness-raising activities to promote sustainable and clean food consumption, reduce food waste, and protect natural production techniques and biodiversity.