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Grant Making Strategy

The Turquoise Coast Environment Fund (TCEF), as a branch of the Conservation Collective, will work in partnership with Support Foundation for Civil Society (STDV) as a local regranting partner in Turkey, using its local expertise and governance to support the process of selecting the best grassroots conservation initiatives protecting and restoring nature across the western and southern in-shore marine environments and coastal communities.

An Evaluation Committee consisting of the Steering Committee and Local Advisory Board of the TCEF will approve the grants. Each funding application will be evaluated in terms of relevant work already going on in the locality, where it fits into broader strategies, what will be achieved on the ground and longer-term sustainability. Below is the list of criteria checklists with indicators for proposed projects or actions.


  1. Working Directly

    Directly preserving, protecting and regenerating habitats/species or preventing, slowing down or helping us adapt to climate change.

  2. Awareness Raising

    Raising awareness of the natural world and its value.

  3. Research or Analysis

    Improving our understanding of conservation issues and ‘what works’ to protect, preserve and regenerate environments.

  4. Engagement

    Promoting and supporting collective action.

  5. Campaigning

    Helping businesses and consumers to act more sustainably.

  6. Advocacy and Lobbying

    Influencing governments and other institutions.

Grant criteria Overview

  • WHO CAN APPLY: Organizations that meet the following application criteria and have legal entity can apply to the fund:

    1. Associations, foundations, cooperatives, and other non-profit types established in Turkey (Community-based groups without a legal entity must submit their application through a host organization with a legal entity. In this case, the host organization must meet the application criteria and a goodwill agreement must be submitted at the application stage outlining the partnership).
    2. Organisations with an annual 2021 income of less than 3.000.000 TRY.
    3. Working actively in the field of nature and biodiversity, marine and coastal conservation issues in Turkey.
  • GEOGRAPHICAL SCOPE: TCEF will support projects throughout the southern and/or western coastal regions of Turkey including on the islands coastal wetlands connected to land and sea. Applications from all parts of the country will be accepted, but the actions of local grassroots, CSOs carrying out these activities should take place in the focal regions of TCEF.

  • DURATION OF THE ACTIONS: The implementation period of the activities specified in the applications should be a maximum of 12 months. The earliest start date for activities is September 2022. All projects should be completed by September 2023.

Grants and Timeline

The total amount to be distributed in grants to NGOs for TCEF’s first round of funding is a minimum of 30.000 EUR. Grants up to 10,000 EUR in size will be considered for a direct grant from TCEF. Co-financing is possible in all applications.

Grants are paid within the framework agreed with the applicant, and the first instalments will be paid the week following the signing of the grant agreement. Payments are made in at least three instalments and by bank transfer. The final instalment, corresponding to 10% of the total budget, is paid within one month after the final report is approved, provided that the supported organisation has fulfilled all the obligations in the signed agreement. Supported organisations are required to keep the invoices of their expenditures within the scope of the grant for three years. If deemed necessary, a financial audit may be requested by the Support Foundation for Civil Society.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Grantees supported under the program are required to submit interim and final reports on dates determined in the grant agreement. Organisations supported by TCEF funds can also be visited at regular intervals and meetings can be requested by STDV and the Conservation Collective.

Grantees are expected to participate in various evaluation activities to measure the impact of the grant. These activities consist of completing various evaluation questionnaires and focus group discussions.

When To Apply

Grant applications now open!

Applications for the first round of the TCEF Fund will be accepted until July 30, 2022, at 18:00 and the application process will be carried out in accordance with the schedule below.

Announcement of the TCEF Fund: 16 June 2022

Application deadline: 30 July 2022, 18:00

Evaluation: 2 August-30 August 2022

Approvals announced: First week of September 2022

Start of implementation: September 2022

How to apply

All applicants are required to fill out the application form in Turkish.

It is possible to download the *.pdf version of the application form to your device from here and saved it into another file for ease of completion. Thus, you can proceed later by copying and pasting the relevant fields in the application form.

When submitting the application form, please also provide the following information:

  • A curriculum vitae of a person who will be primarily responsible for the application when/if the application is accepted.
  • A budget to realize the purpose you stated in the application, including the amount you will request from the TCEF.
  • A clear timeline plan of project activities and outcomes.
  • Additional information, documents, publications, news, etc. that you think will strengthen your application.

We request that you attach all these files compressed in a single *.zip file. Applications will not be assessed before additional documents reach the SDTV.

If you have any questions or more information required, please get in touch with us via e-mail at aysegul@turquoisecoastenvironment.org