Plastic Pollution Awareness Raising in Antalya

179,000 ₺ awarded

Status: Completed

Project duration: December 2022- August 2023



Antalya’s public beaches, Konyalalti and Serik, suffer from litter pollution left behind by beach users. Plastic pollution level gets higher every year, threatening the coastal ecosystem in the entire Mediterranean.



The project aims to clean and protect the public beaches of Konyaalti and Serik through awareness campaigns, educational practices, and media activities. It involves volunteers, the Ecological Research Association, TURCEV- Turkey Environmental Education Foundation, and Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. The focus is on highlighting that beach pollution is caused by users and that keeping the beach clean is everyone’s responsibility. Information kiosks will be set up on both beaches to provide information about coastal habitats, the negative impacts of plastic pollution, and ways to reduce plastic usage.


Project’s deliverables

  • For each of the public beaches, 15 young volunteers (30 in total) will be trained on ecological footprint, waste impacts, and the conservation of endangered species like sea turtles. The aim is to help young people understand the importance of beaches and waste reduction, and to raise their level of environmental awareness.
  •  Project members will conduct surveys with public beach visitors. Results will be included on a final report as statistical data.
  • Project communications will focus on local and national agencies to amplify the audience reached, and on social media campaigns.
  • A promotional video showcasing the project in action will be shown on other beaches to reach new audiences and increase impact.
  • Project coordinators will announce their observations and evaluations at a closing ceremony, with a final report and a press release.



  • Increased awareness on pollution and the conservation of coastal environments,
  • Expected multiplier effect among young people,
  • Environmental consciousness among kids, through games suitable for different age groups.


About the organisation: EKAD- Ecological Research Association is an NGO, founded in 2003 by academics working on biodiversity and nature conservation. Since the beginning, EKAD has established a harmonious and fruitful cooperation with universities, ministries, municipalities, other NGOs, and private enterprises. EKAD continues its mission mainly through sea turtle monitoring and conservation projects, joined by a growing number of national and international volunteers every year, with the aim of providing the best example for sustainable biodiversity.