Sea Turtles of Antalya

179,500 ₺ awarded


Project duration: February 2023- August 2023


The issue

Antalya’s tourist coastline, Side-Manavgat River beach is approximately 9 km long and is also an important breeding area for the globally endangered loggerhead marine turtle – Caretta caretta – and green sea turtle – Chelonia mydas. Sea turtles face huge anthropogenic threats, especially derived from tourism activities with intense lighting and beach pollution.  These problems  not only affect turtles but also the Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus monachus) and the Sea Daffodil (Pancratium maritimum).


The solution

Data deficiency on the numbers of loggerhead and green turtle nests and hatchlings in the Side-Mangat River shoreline hinders the potential of conservation efforts. This project aims to bridge that knowledge gap by analysing the unique reproduction features of the turtles coming into shore (e.g., nesting season, hatching rates and times. to raise awareness on the most effective conservation measures required to protect them.



  • Scientific results will be revealed to promote national policies for the conservation of the natural habitats, with particular attention to endangered and vulnerable species.
  • Increasing the awareness of stakeholders in this area, which has 23 hotels hosting 400,000 tourists per year, about conservation measures, site management, and restoration of the Side-Manavgat River nesting beach.
  • At the end of the project, a workshop with different stakeholders will be organised to discuss the results of the investigation on turtle nesting, turtle-human interactions, and the habitat’s potential for restoration.



  • Potential for the study area to become a “Sea Turtle nesting beach” with higher conservation status.
  • Increased awareness and knowledge among key stakeholders and coastal users.


About the organization

DEKAFOK – Association for Conservation and Survival of Sea Turtles, Mediterranean Monk Seals, Sea Daffodils

Association for Conservation and Survival of Sea Turtles, Mediterranean Monk Seals, Sea Daffodils (DEKAFOK) started its activities on the beach of Side-Manavgat River (Manavgat/ANTALYA) in November 2020. DEKAFOK carries out education, research, and projects for the protection of natural resources. The main objectives of DEKAFOK are to conduct research on the nesting, feeding, wintering and migration routes of sea turtles, the causes of injuries and deaths, and to produce projects that inform the public and interested parties on these issues.