180,000 ₺ awarded


Project duration: November 2022-October 2023

The issue 

The rate of species loss in the Aegean Mediterranean region due to climate change and human-induced environmental destruction is increasing.  This project addressed species loss and the reduction of the populations of endemic species. 


The solution 

“Act4Species” aims to develop policies for the protection of the endangered or endemic species in the Coastal Aegean Climate Network and cities like Antalya, Adana and Mersin through the analysis of Current Species action plans and the organisation of workshops to develop actions for the protection of endemic species.  



SCA prepared a preliminary report with the support of academics within the Coastal Aegean Climate Network. A “Species Conservation Action Plan” and “Species Conservation Social Media Campaign” was organised including NGOs and academics, in order to raise awareness at the local level with more than 100 participants. 



  • Actions  developed in context of Ecosystem-based management for biodiversity conservation paid specific attention to protect and restore existing habitat.  
  • Local civic societal actions in the field of protection to be strengthened with the legal knowledge provided by institutional support at local level.  
  • CSOs participating in the workshops was able to work closer with academia and local administrations.  


About the organization

Social Climate Association

Social Climate Association carries out nature-centred rights-based studies; It works to develop a culture of dialogue among young people and to ensure active participation of young people in social life and civil society. In line with the Sustainable Development Goals, it carries out programs, projects and workshops on the issues of climate crisis, children’s rights, gender equality and youth rights.