Sustainable Travel from Marmara to Mediterranean

98,000 ₺ awarded


Project duration: December 2022-March 2023 

The issue 

Our seas are our future and our source of breath. Climate change, invasive species, and loss of native biodiversity pose  huge threats to Mediterranean marine ecosystems.  The current marine life found in the Sea of ​​Marmara shows that Marmara could be a hotspot to secure the future of Mediterranean marine life.  


The solution

The scope of the project is to  raise awareness about the marine life a from Marmara to the Mediterranean showcasing the underwater life at various locations, collecting data, and interviewing locals, experienced scientists, NGOs and authorities, fishery cooperatives, and cultural and artistic contributors.   



  • The interviews will feed short films and social media content to raise awareness about the marine life of the Mediterranean & Marmara seas. 
  • Supported by the drawings of a local artist, a Marine Landscapes Booklet will be produced with a practical, understandable and attractively designed information. It will aim to direct the public’s attention to underwater life.  



  • Increased understanding and knowledge among general public
  • Increased perception of local key stakeholders on the actions related to marine life   


About the organization

Marine Life Conservation Association – DYKD 

Marine Life Conservation Association (DYKD) conducts the reviewing, monitoring and unbiased measurement; Transplantation and conservation of corals endemic in the Sea of ​​Marmara, living in the sea of ​​nets, tracking biodiversity, preserving underwater life.