Conservation and Monitoring of Shark and Ray Species Habitats in Samandağ Hırlavuk Coast of Hatay

350,000 TRY awarded


PROJECT DURATION: May 2024- May 2025




Samandağ Hırlavuk coast in Türkiye is a crucial breeding ground for endangered shark and ray species. However, the area faces environmental degradation, which an earthquake has exacerbated. The rubble piles left behind by the earthquake pose a significant threat to marine life, including these vulnerable species. Moreover, overfishing and bycatch further compound the problem, leading to a decline in shark and ray populations in the Mediterranean. Therefore, there is an urgent need to address these environmental challenges and protect the biodiversity of the Samandağ marine ecosystem. 




To address these challenges, a multifaceted approach involves monitoring the abundance and distribution of shark and ray species, restoring their coastal habitat, and raising awareness among fishers and the public about conserving these species. The project aims to mitigate the threats facing shark and ray populations in the region by initiating restoration work on the ground, implementing training programs for fishers, organising knowledge-building seminars, and conducting rescue and preservation efforts.  




  • Restoration work
  • Training programs 
  • Knowledge-building seminars 
  • Rescue and preservation efforts. 
  • Article publication 
  • Development of training brochures and information signs. 




Restored coastal habitat conducive to the survival of shark and ray species. 

Trained fishers equipped with knowledge and skills for safely handling and releasing cartilaginous fish. 

Increased awareness among stakeholders about the importance of shark and ray conservation through knowledge-building seminars and educational materials. 

Established regional disposal and storage locations for rescued cartilaginous fish, facilitating their preservation. 

Museum materials for public exhibition, providing insights into the biology and conservation of shark and ray species. 

Published articles contributing valuable data to inform marine conservation measures in the region. 

Distribution of training brochures and installation of information signs to further raise awareness and promote conservation efforts. 


Our Grantee: Nature and Science Association works to strengthen access to scientific subjects, conduct research and studies on marine and terrestrial biodiversity and climate change, popularise natural sciences, and thus raise awareness of nature and environmental protection.