Strengthening Water Management and Biodiversity Conservation

350,000 TRY awarded


PROJECT DURATION: May 2024- December 2024 



Ineffective water management practices in the Hatay region are causing disparities in water consumption, hindering agricultural sustainability and ecosystem health. Declining biodiversity and soil erosion further exacerbate environmental issues, leading to habitat loss and reduced ecosystem services. Addressing these challenges requires implementing sustainable water management practices and enhancing biodiversity through afforestation. 



The project aims to increase the sustainability of agricultural activities and protect local ecosystems by promoting effective water management and biodiversity conservation. By establishing a biological pond and rainwater harvesting tanks, the project will enhance ecosystem health, support local species, and teach farmers sustainable agricultural practices. The project will strengthen local ecosystems and mitigate environmental degradation through afforestation and soil erosion minimisation efforts. 



  • Installation of tanks for rainwater harvesting in greenhouses. 
  • Establishment of a Biological Pond 
  • Work on Soil Erosion Minimization and Afforestation 
  • Organization and execution of “Water Management” Training Programme 



  • Rainwater harvesting tanks in greenhouses to optimize water usage.
  • A biological pond constructed to enhance ecosystem diversity and support local species.
  • Soil erosion minimization and afforestation efforts to protect habitats and promote biodiversity.
  • A training programme for farmers, equipping them with knowledge and skills in sustainable agricultural practices.


Our grantee: Samandağ District Center and Neighbourhoods Agricultural Development Cooperative empowers local producers and creates resilient food network models in their region.