Asi River and Delta Environmental Vision Planning

290,830 TRY awarded


PROJECT DURATION: May 2024- March 2025 




The Asi River Delta and Samandağ coastline, vital ecological zones in Antakya, face significant environmental threats exacerbated by the aftermath of an earthquake. Development and construction activities continue disregarding the city’s geological and ecological characteristics, leading to the illegal dumping of rubble in crucial natural areas such as the Mileyha Wetland and Samandağ dunes. This destruction impacts local ecosystems and biodiversity and escalates risks such as landslides and floods in areas prone to seismic activity. 




The project aims to create an environmental plan in collaboration with local authorities, communities, and civil society organisations to protect the Asi River Delta and Samandağ coastline post-earthquake and rebuild them disaster-resiliently. Through a participatory approach, the project will develop a vision plan by reviewing the Hatay Province Environmental Plan and incorporating local knowledge. This plan will be disseminated through various channels, including digital and print formats, social media campaigns, and short videos, to raise awareness and engage a broad audience in reconstructing Antakya as an environmentally friendly city. 




  • Data collection and website creation 
  • Visioning workshops 
  • Production and dissemination of the vision plan 
  • Short video productions 
  • Dissemination and communication 



  • Integrated local knowledge and priorities into a comprehensive vision plan.
  • Compiled detailed reports reflecting community inputs from visioning workshops.
  • Production of short videos highlighting the Asi River’s ecology.
  • Establishment of a dedicated website for the Antakya Environmental Protection Association.
  • Meetings and workshops to spread project objectives and outcomes to diverse stakeholders, including local governments and schools.


Our grantee: Antakya Environmental Protection Association raises awareness about environmental issues in the region, promotes environmentally responsible practices, and works to preserve natural heritage.