Invasive Alien Species in Datca-Bozburun

220,000 TRY awarded

Status: Completed

Project Duration: September 2023-April 2024



Gathering scientific data regarding Invasive Alien Species (IAS) present in the coastal and marine areas of the Datça-Bozburun Special Environmental Protection Area (SEPA) is essential for decision making regarding conservation measures in this important area. There is lack of scientific data and a growing need to use of citizen science methodology in Turkey.



This project will collect and update current data. The data infrastructure will be established by gathering the locations of IAS from the residents and users of the area and transferring them to a Geographic Information System (GIS). The project aims to reduce the negative impacts of IAS on the biodiversity, health, and economy of affected areas through accurate information and active public participation.



  • The establishment of a data platform infrastructure
  • A Citizen Science target audience and communication for an IAS information brochure
  • An IAS Geographic Information System (GIS) database development in Datca-Bozburun Specially Protected Areas.


Project’s deliverables

  • This project will Implement Citizen Science, collecting and compiling structured data in protected sites. Additionally, thematic maps will be used for visualizing the importance of the area.


About the organisation: Natural Balance Association established in 2004 with the aim of sharing the expertise and knowledge of experts who have served for many years in the Special Environmental Protection Agency (ÖÇKK), a public institution.

Photo by Murat Bilecenoglu