Monitoring and Protecting the Sea Daffodils

170,000 TRY awarded


PROJECT DURATION: May 2024 – May 2025



The sea daffodil (Pancratium maritimum L.), a protected species in Türkiye, faces threats to its survival due to ineffective protection against development and tourism activities, as well as insufficient conservation measures. In the coastal districts of Adana, namely Karataş and Yumurtalık, the recent earthquakes have exacerbated these threats, demanding urgent attention to safeguard this endemic plant species. Plucking of sea daffodils for tourism purposes, along with environmental damage from rubble dumping and pollution, further endangers their existence. Local authorities have initiated conservation efforts, but the effectiveness of these measures, including proposed transplantation, needs assessment.  




To address these challenges, this project will investigate the status of sea daffodils through fieldwork and citizen science, review conservation efforts, raise awareness and promote education on sea daffodil conservation, establish communication networks, and draft policies for future protection activities. 




  • Project website and social media presence for information dissemination and public engagement. 
  • Comprehensive analysis of conservation efforts and identify gaps. 
  • Conduct fieldwork to investigate sea daffodil presence along the coastline. 
  • Create data infrastructure on the project website for accessible information. 




  • A project website and social media accounts for information, dissemination, and public engagement.
  • An assessment report detailing the current state of sea daffodil studies and conservation efforts.
  • Communication channels and educational training to raise awareness about sea daffodil conservation.
  • Fieldwork findings documenting the status of sea daffodils along the coastline.
  • Establish communication networks in Karataş and Yumurtalık districts to facilitate collaboration.
  • A data infrastructure on the project website that provides information on the floristic structure of the coastline.
  • A sustainability report outlining long-term conservation strategies and a 3-year vision plan for sea daffodil preservation.

Our grantee: Green Transformation in Industry, Climate Change Adaptation, and Bioeconomy Research Association focuses on climate change adaptation, food supply security, agriculture, local governance, and sustainable industry practices.