Turquoise Coast Environment Fund goes to Earthquake Region

Coastal Conservation & Restoration Projects in Earthquake Region


We are delighted to announce the impactful projects of the grant program for environmental support for the earthquake-affected regions of Türkiye, made possible by a collaborative effort between the Turquoise Coast Environment Fund of Conservation Collective (TCEF), Turkish Philanthropy Funds (TPF),  Turkey Mozaik Foundation (TMF) and Support Foundation for Civil Society (STDV), which aims to restore and protect nature, with special attention to the earthquake-affected regions of Türkiye. 

Through joint efforts for environmental restoration and sustainable solutions, we proudly support seven projects with a total grant of 2,067,830 TRY ((£51,058 / $63,721.03) to address urgent environmental challenges in Hatay, Adana, and Mersin. Projects aim to rejuvenate coastal and marine landscapes and promote sustainable food systems, thereby mitigating the environmental impact of the devastating earthquakes of February 2023.

Here is the detailed information about the supported grantees and their work below:

Antakya Environmental Protection Association (Asi River and Delta Environmental Vision Planning Project, 290.830 TRY/$8,916 / £7,181), Hatay

Antakya Environmental Protection Association works to draw attention to environmental problems in the region, to create environmentally sensitive communities, and to protect natural heritage. With our financial support, they will carry out the Asi River and Delta Environmental Vision Planning project. Within the scope of this project, our grantee will create an environmental vision plan for the protection of the Asi River Delta in cooperation with local authorities. In addition, a short documentary film will be prepared to raise the awareness of the people in the region for the protection of the coasts.

Nature and Science Association, (Restoration, Conservation and Monitoring of Shark and Ray Species Habitats in Hatay Samandağ Hırlavuk Coasts, 350.000 TRY/$10,762 / £8,642), Hatay

Nature and Science Association carries out its activities to strengthen access to scientific subjects, conduct research and studies on marine and terrestrial biodiversity and climate change, popularise natural sciences, and thus raise awareness of nature and environmental protection. With our financial support, the association will implement the project of Restoration, Protection, and Monitoring of Shark and Rayfish Species Habitats in Hatay Samandağ Hırlavuk Coasts. Within the scope of the project, the restoration of the habitat destruction of the Samandağ Hırlavuk coast, which is one of the breeding areas of shark and ray species on the Red List of the World Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, will carry out studies to determine the composition and monitoring of the species distributed in the region. It will also work to raise awareness of fishermen and local people in the region to protect the ray species and habitat in Samandağ and to ensure the continuity of this rare micro-ecosystem.

Hatay Nature Conservation Association, (Inclusive Approach for Lake Gölbaşı’s Sustainability, 220.000 TRY/$6,760 / £5,432), Hatay

Hatay Nature Conservation Association carries out its activities to ensure that Hatay’s natural resources and biodiversity are protected and used in a sustainable future within the integrity of the ecosystem. With our financial support, the association will implement the Inclusive Approach for Lake Gölbaşı Sustainability (GOSREY) project and will carry out awareness-raising activities for local communities and NGOs to support the sustainability of Lake Gölbaşı. For this purpose, ecotourism and biodiversity training will be organized for 500 people of different age groups. Our grantee will also organize various trainings for 50 people to strengthen the managerial capacity of local NGOs.

Karataş Fisheries Cooperative, (Karataş Artificial Reefs Monitoring and Ecological Assessment, 350.000 TRY/$10,762 / £8,642), Adana

Karataş Fisheries Cooperative carries out its activities to make the fishery sustainable, to make the future of Karataş coasts resistant to the climate crisis, and to support the fisheries in the region. With our financial support, this project will evaluate the ecological functions of artificial reefs located in the region and monitor species diversity. In addition, a research design by scientific protocols will be created to standardize future monitoring and evaluation studies.

Green Transformation in Industry, Adaptation to Climate Change and Bioeconomy Research Association (YİBA), (Monitoring and Protecting the Sea Daffodils (KUZIKO), 170.000 TRY/$5,232 / £4,198), Adana

YİBA carries out activities on adaptation to climate change, food supply security, and agriculture, climate training, rural productions, local government studies, local transformation in the industry, air conditioning studies, green art and culture, right to water. With our financial support, this project will raise awareness about the sea daffodils, which are protected species found on the coasts of Karataş and Yumurtalık districts of Adana. As part of this initiative, YİBA will develop policy recommendations to protect sea daffodils and create an online platform to improve cooperation between stakeholders working in the field.

Samandağ District Centre and Neighbourhoods Agricultural Development Cooperative (Strengthening Water Management and Biodiversity Conservation, 350.000 TRY/$10,762 / £8,642), Hatay

The cooperative is working to create resilient food network models and empower regional producers. With our financial support, the cooperative will implement the Water Management and Biodiversity Conservation project; by supporting water management and biodiversity, they will work to increase the sustainability of the community-supported farming centre and contribute to protecting local ecosystems. Additionally, the cooperative will establish a biological pond for rainwater harvesting and afforestation activities to minimise soil erosion. Finally, the grantee will organise two-day theoretical and practical water management training for 50 farmers.

Tarsus Slow Food Earth Market Association, (Discover the Fish Owl Before it Disappears Project, 337.000 TRY/$10,355 / £8,321), Adana

Tarsus Slow Food Earth Market Association, which carries out awareness-raising activities for the sustainable and clean purchase and consumption of food, carries out its activities to reduce food waste and protect the natural production environment, techniques, and biodiversity. With our financial support, the association will carry out studies to investigate the habitats of fish owls and raise awareness. As a result of the field studies to be carried out in this direction, the association will prepare a scientific fish owl research report and will prepare a fish owl booklet to raise awareness on the conservation of the fish owl species. Finally, a short film will be prepared to explain the project’s purpose and results, including field studies, awareness raising, and visits.