Collaborating with Depeche Mode & Hublot to combat plastic pollution in Antalya, Türkiye

We are excited to announce a new opportunity that has emerged through our global network of Conservation Collective. We are proud to be part of their partnership with renowned band Depeche Modeand Hublot during the Memento Mori world tour and receive support for our mission to tackle plastic pollution. The alliance has already made significant progress, pledging support to fourteen projects across ten countries.  

Having sold more than 100 million records and played to more than 35 million fans worldwide, Depeche Mode remain an ever-evolving and singularly influential musical force. Following their induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2020, Depeche Mode are set to release their 15th studio album, ‘Memento Mori’, on March 24, 2023. An indelible inspiration to fans, critics, and artists alike, Depeche Mode continues to forge ahead, with the Memento Mori album and world tour representing the opening of the newest chapter of a peerless and ongoing legacy. 

This year, the Turquoise Coast Environment Fund proudly announces its receipt of special support through this charitable partnership. The fund is set to strengthen a local initiative aimed at addressing plastic pollution along the pristine beaches of Antalya. Under the banner of the ‘Plastic-Free Shores, Plastic-Free Waters Project,’ led by our local partner, the EKAD – Ecological Research Society, in close collaboration with TÜRÇEV – Foundation for Environmental Education in Türkiye and Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the initiative enters Phase Two with renewed vigour. Supported by the newly acquired funding, the project will intensify efforts to curtail the usage of Single-Use Plastics (SUPs) through a series of targeted activities and interventions. 

These initiatives encompass a spectrum of activities, including awareness campaigns at public beaches, workshops catering to both parents and children, a nationwide survey to gauge understanding of SUPs and the development of a comprehensive ‘Plastic-Free Living’ handbook. Furthermore, concerted efforts will be made to engage district municipalities, tourism stakeholders, hotels, NGOs, public figures, and innovative companies specialising in alternative solutions to SUPs.  

To find out more about the project’s aims and deliverables, head over to the project’s page. 

“We’re thrilled and honoured to have been chosen for funding by Depeche Mode and Hublot. Our commitment to supporting local initiatives is huge, and we’re particularly proud to stand behind the meaningful efforts of our partner, EKAD-Ecological Research Society, through their Plastic Free Shores, Plastic Free Waters campaign. Together, we’re actively collaborating with all stakeholders to combat pollution along Antalya’s renowned beaches. We remain dedicated as we strive to empower our local community to safeguard the pristine beauty of our Mediterranean shores”.
– Dr Aysegul Cil, Executive Director, Turquoise Coast Environment Fund – Turkey.

Plastic pollution can alter habitats and natural processes, reducing ecosystems’ ability to adapt to climate change, and directly affecting millions of people’s livelihoods, food production capabilities, and social well-being.

“Whilst we can’t ultimately recycle our way out of the horror-show of single use plastics, we can change systems to reduce and eventually eliminate the flow of plastics that are choking nature everywhere. A plastic waste-free world is possible!”

– Ben Goldsmith, Founder and Chair of Conservation Collective.

Huge thanks to Conservation Collective & Depeche Mode and Hublot for making this possible!

Visit to learn more about the partnership and projects supported. 

To add your support to help fund more grassroots marine and coastal conservation in Türkiye, you can donate here or get in touch to support in other ways.  

Many thanks for making a difference to our Turquoise Coasts!